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Why choose Site Personnel?

Site Personnel are committed to recruiting the best trades and professionals for the built environment. Permanent, temporary, freelance and contract – we find the right people at the right time.

  • We listen to our customers. We make sure that we not only understand the role you are trying to fill, but also the culture and nature of your business to ensure the best fit between client and contractor.
  • One size does not fit all. Each client is an individual and requires a specific approach. We are small and flexible enough to be able to tailor what we do to your needs.
  • Dedicated point of contact. A small team, we get to know our clients personally. If for any reason your regular contact is not in the office, you can be confident that we are all up-to-date with each other’s clients and candidates. You will always be able to speak with someone who knows about you and your needs.
  • No unsolicited sales calls. We will only contact you if we feel we have a candidate that might fulfil a current or future need. We don’t believe in the hard sell and recognise that when you are busy you don’t want to have to deal with additional outside pressure.
  • Rapid response. We recognise the importance of being able to fill a placement in a timely yet accurate manner.
  • Selective about candidates. We are highly selective about the candidates we take on and undertake rigorous checks before agreeing to represent them. We have an established pool of temporary personnel who we consistently place due to their quality, reliability and commitment. We would rather turn down a job than offer you a candidate that we felt would not be the right fit and skills set for your business.
  • Service-led. Our efficient and accurate administrative support means we take pride in getting any paperwork right first time.
  • A consultative approach. We will keep you up to date with legislation that may affect how you do your business.

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