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How we work

When you hire a freelance contractor, your reputation, and ours, is in their hands. That’s why we are selective about who we are prepared to represent. We are only willing to work on behalf of quality contractors who are skilled, reliable and committed to doing a good job.

Fast, yet thorough, identification of candidates

We understand that time is of the essence – that’s why we aim to get back to you with a suitable candidate within six hours. We provide the individual’s background, plus details of the key skills they have to meet your brief. And you can be confident that they have been subject to our tried and tested interview process, which includes taking references – even for labourers – and checking qualifications.

A robust system of aftercare and administration

Once we place a candidate, we have a robust system of aftercare. On the day they start we are always available to speak with their line manager. Later that same week, we will arrange a meeting at your site to make sure that both you and the candidate are happy. Thereafter, we make regular calls and visits at times agreed with you to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. If any issues do arise, we will mediate and help to resolve any problems quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.


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