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Established for over 10 years, Site Personnel is based in Newton and covers the East Anglia area, particularly Cambridge. A small team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals, we are fully versed in the needs of the construction industry.

Committed to successful long-term placements

We believe in treating everyone as individuals. We don’t play the numbers game but make every effort to get to know you, your needs and your long-term objectives so that any placement we make is a long and happy one.

Integrity at the heart of everything we do

Honest, professional yet approachable, we are committed to really listening to clients’ and candidates’ needs and to delivering on our promises. We believe this approach is why we have so many long-term relationships – both on the client and candidate side – and are recognised for the integrity we bring to these.

Sharing knowledge and training on legal compliance

Our role is not, however, simply as placement service. We also provide advice and guidance to clients and candidates and invest heavily in training. This ensures we are fully up to date with developments in the industry so that we can provide the right advice and assistance.

You can be confident that all Site Personnel advice and activities are fully compliant with legal requirements regarding the promotion and placement of staff.


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